Our interdisciplinary, ethnodrama team consisted of: 

Elizabeth Quinlan, PhD, Sociology, University of Saskatchewan and Roanne Thomas, PhD, Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Ottawa

Linda McMullen, PhD, Psychology, University of Saskatchewan

Shahid Ahmed, MD, Saskatoon Cancer Centre, Oncology, University of Saskatchewan

Pam Fichtner, RMT, Sephira Healing, Saskatoon

Janice Block, SPT, Physical Therapy, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon


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ethnodrama-logoFrom Dissemination to Intervention

For several years, Dr. Elizabeth Quinlan (University of Saskatchewan) and I co-led an innovative project featuring;

  • live performances,
  • videos of performances and interviews with study participants/performers,
  • infographics,
  • and an interactive website

in order to explore ethnodrama and lymphedema after breast cancer.

By using interactive ethnodrama as both a Knowledge Translation strategy and as a form of psychosocial support, our study;

  1. extended the application of ethnodrama as a KT strategy to the domain of arm morbidity, and
  2. provided a solid foundation for the development of new forms of psychosocial interventions for breast cancer survivors.

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