Rust, indigo, and cochineal dyeing/printing are all intriguing ways to add natural colour to mixed media art, as I learned at a workshop in Elizabeth Bunsen’s lakeside studio in Vermont this spring. Incidentally, A Perfect Red, by Amy Butler Greenfield, is a fascinating book about cochineal empire building – with stories of science, espionage, and piracy! During the workshop, our own experiments with cochineal, as well as rust and indigo, produced surprising results each time. Steaming bundles of fabrics, papers, and eucalyptus ensured most of our senses were engaged as the scent of the eucalyptus filled Elizabeth’s studio. I look forward to sharing some of what I learned at upcoming workshops. And, if you see something of interest here, it’s likely available for purchase – or, it will be crafted into something that is. Just get in touch!