Thank you for your passion for art and health. And for your grant-winning ability that makes it all happen. The two sessions I did for women who have been through cancer treatment were a highlight of the past few years. They created community and made artists of many of us who thought at first that we weren’t.  I hope your work will continue to spread this model of community building and healing through art. – Janet (research participant)

Recently, I collaborated with another artist (Mary Pfaff) on a series of mixed media workshops offered to 10 women who had experienced cancer. These workshops were part of our SSHRC-funded “Creating a Good Life” project. We filmed the workshops and recorded individual interviews with each participant about their experiences of a good life and their creative work.

Our postdoctoral researcher and very talented filmmaker, Dr. Josée Boulanger, worked with volumes of data (see the infographic below!) to produce “A good life despite cancer: Women creating in community.”


I hope you’ll find a bit of time to watch and consider our research themes such as “experiencing the creative process” or “being in the moment” which we explore in our video. CLICK HERE to view.