Creative Writing Workshop

Any act of writing is a creative one.

Whether you are working on an academic paper or creating poetry, writing should be a source of joy and result in feelings of accomplishment.

Roanne has over 80 academic publications to her credit and can provide you with the tools you need to edit your work effectively. She is especially interested in mentoring graduate students. She is also trained in the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) method which has five principles:


  1. Everyone has a strong, unique voice
  2. Everyone is born with creative genius
  3. Writing as an art form belongs to all people, regardless of economic class or educational level.
  4. The teaching of craft can be done without damage to a writer’s original voice or artistic self-esteem
  5. A writer is someone who writes.


This was inspiring for me. A safe, welcoming environment that let our creative spirits soar. This was fun, exciting and let me think of many, many things that I can do with old books… I thoroughly enjoyed this day.

Roanne and Mary created a warm, positive, relaxed atmosphere.  

Making the book was so much fun, just being able to look through all of the wonderful materials.  It was a great opportunity to be spontaneous.  I like the way writing times were interspersed with the book making.  

I really liked the creation of the journals in working with different mediums for the covers, as well as the individual pages.  

I would definitely love to participate in other sessions.  

Thanks so much – what a treat today was!

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