Video is an important knowledge translation tool. In other words, film helps us to share what we have learned with individuals and communities we may not be able to meet in person.

Research Highlights

Our free Learning to Live with Lymphedema toolkit features a video in which people discuss what it means to live with the effects of lymphedema after cancer. The participants share their experiences in order to help foster hope for those living with this chronic condition.

The toolkit was developed in partnership with Dr. Ryan Hamilton, University of New Brunswick and is available at no charge. It includes a video, handbook, and PowerPoint presentation. Although the materials were created for use by small groups, individuals may also work through the materials independently.

I served as a consultant for a film produced by the Running after Cancer Experiences – New Brunswick (RACE-NB) research team led by Dr. Ryan Hamilton. The video documents the experiences of five people as they completed a running program developed for people who have had cancer. To watch the video, please visit

Our National Picture project also resulted in video that is available on YouTube: Finding Strength Together. The video describes the challenges faced by First Nations and Métis people living with cancer, as well as the possibilities for healing that participants shared.

Other formats (e.g., memory stick) are also available, along with a poster summarizing our findings.

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