Christine Novy is a creative arts therapist and doctoral candidate in the Rehabilitation Sciences doctoral program at the University of Ottawa. Christine is using the arts to make research more inclusive. Her use of the arts will facilitate participation by people who find verbal communication difficult, specifically those living with dementia. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant changing her research design, but her commitment to people living with dementia and their families is still central to her methodology.

Christine’s current study is about relational care and the use of objects to generate relational stories in research interviews. Her objectives are to learn about the relational care experiences of family/friends in the context of their past and present relationship with a person who is living with dementia and to re-centre people living with dementia in how we think and talk about care. She is looking for participants: family or friends of a person who is living with dementia in long-term care or in the community. .

Please contact Christine at if you would like to learn more about her innovative research.