Mixed Media Art Workshop

Foster the expression of self and experience through images, papers, words, paint, textiles, and ink. The possibilities truly are endless!

In altered books, pockets and pages become small vessels to carry words and quotations that could serve as prompts for more creative work. Colours might evoke writing about a season or a memory. Texture might prompt imaginings about painting…Invoking the senses often inspires. And, unlike the expensive and pristine notebooks that can be purchased at bookstores, these ones are messy and meant to be lived in.

Like altered books, mixed media panels invite viewers not only to see but to touch and to feel. It’s incredible to work alongside others, starting with the exact same materials, only to find that each person has created something completely and wonderfully unique!


This was inspiring for me. A safe, welcoming environment that let our creative spirits soar. This was fun, exciting and let me think of many, many things that I can do with old books… I thoroughly enjoyed this day.

Roanne and Mary created a warm, positive, relaxed atmosphere.  

Making the book was so much fun, just being able to look through all of the wonderful materials.  It was a great opportunity to be spontaneous.  I like the way writing times were interspersed with the book making.  

I really liked the creation of the journals in working with different mediums for the covers, as well as the individual pages.  

I would definitely love to participate in other sessions.  

Thanks so much – what a treat today was!

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