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  • Baukje Miedema, Ryan Hamilton, Sue Tatemichi, Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Thomas F. Hack, Elizabeth Quinlan, Anna Towers, Andrea Tilley,Winkle Kwan 2011. Do breast cancer survivors' post- surgery difficulties with recreational activities persist over time? Journal of Cancer Survivorship.
  • Elizabeth Quinlan, Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Thomas F. Hack, Sue Tatemichi, Anna Towers, Winkle Kwan, Baukje Miedema, Andrea Tilley 2011 (online). Breast cancer survivorship & work disability: Falling into the policy void. Journal of Disability Policy Studies.
  • Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Paul Spriggs, Elizabeth Quinlan, Anna Towers, Thomas F. Hack, Sue Tatemichi, Baukje Miedema,Winkle Kwan, Andrea Tilley. 2010. Arm Morbidity and Disability: Reporting the Current Status from Canada. Journal of Lymphoedema, 5(2).
  • Thomas F. Hack, Winkle Kwan, Roanne L. Thomas-MacLean, Anna Towers, Baukje Miedema, Andrea Tilley, Dan Chateau.2010 .Predictors of arm morbidity following breast cancer surgery, Psycho-Oncology, 19: 1205-1212 .;jsessionid=B0ACA373AC9E6ADA3E7F3BEAE4341C34.f01t01
  • Elizabeth Quinlan, Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Tom Hack, Winkle Kwan, Baukje Miedema, Sue Tatemichi, Anna Towers, & Andrea Tilley. 2009. The Impact of Breast Cancer among Canadian Women: Disability and Productivity. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 34(3): 285-296.
  • Andrea Tilley, Roanne Thomas-MacLean, & Winkle Kwan. 2009. Lymphatic Cording or Axillary Web Syndrome after Breast Cancer Surgery. Canadian Journal of Surgery, 52(4): E105-E106.
  • Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Anna Towers, Elizabeth Quinlan, Tom Hack, Winkle Kwan, Baukje Miedema, Andrea Tilley and Paul Graham. 2009. "This is a kind of betrayal": A Qualitative Study of Disability after Breast Cancer. Current Oncology, 16(3): 26-32.
  • Anna Towers 2008. Lymphoedema, Pain and Disability: Are We Ignoring Large Parts of the Picture?Journal of Lymphoedema, 3(1):8 [PDF]*
  • Baukje (Bo) Miedema, Ryan Hamilton, Sue Tatemichi, Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Anna Towers, Thomas F. Hack, Andrea Tilley, Winkle Kwan. 2008. Arm Morbidity following Breast Cancer Surgery: Impact on Recreational and Leisure Activities 6-12 Months Post Surgery. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 2: 262-268.
  • Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Thomas Hack, Winkle Kwan, Anna Towers, Baukje Miedema and Andrea Tilley, 2008. Arm Morbidity and Disability after Breast Cancer: New Directions for Care. Oncology Nursing Forum. 35 (1): 65-71.

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